John's Delta Motion THR with Dr. Bose 2011

Updated 10/28/2012

I had a delta motion hip surgery done last June, by Dr. Bose and so far, i am very happy with it. I have had no squeaks or other problems with it. My hip is pretty much pain free and feels almost as good as it did before the damage caused by avn. I had originally planned to get a BMHR, and during our discussion the night before surgery, Dr. Bose mentioned that if the avn extended down into the neck of the femur, a BMHR would not be possible and he would do the delta motion. As it turned out, while I was on the operating table, he discovered that the avn did extend to the femur neck, requiring him to abort the BMHR plan and go with the delta motion. I knew that the delta motion hip was a new product, but I put my trust in Dr. Bose, with his extensive knowledge and

Also, Dr. Bose told me I had no restrictions. However, when I mentioned working out on my tread mill, he said it would be ok to walk on the tread mill, but don't run on it. It is my belief that impact activities like jogging or running are not a good idea since I have a stem type delta motion prosthesis. On the other hand, my recovery has gone pretty fast. I was back to driving a car at 2 weeks post op. I was on the crutches for a few days, then started using my cane again. By the time I was 4 or 5 weeks post op, I didn't need the cane anymore and retired it.

All in all, I am very happy with Dr. Bose's surgery and and the delta motion hip and I really don't anticipate that I will have any problems with my new hip for many, many years, if ever.

According to Dr. Bose, The crucial advantage of the silent is the ability to use ceramic on ceramic bearing. The development of the large head ceramic cup ( deltamotion) has been a very significant breakthrough in hip arthroplasty. When one wants to avoid metal on metal like in young female patients the best option in my opinion would be a large head ceramic deltamotion cup coupled with a silent stem. Dr. Bose says he has already implemented it in more than 100+ patients.

My right side was much worse than my left. My right femur head was collapsing in April, 2008. I only discovered the avn and source of my pain in 2010. (The doctors I had been seeing kept overlooking the problem). In June 2011, I had a THR, delta motion hip done by Dr. Bose in Chennai, India. The reason for having Dr. Bose do the surgery was because I knew that Dr. Bose has done many, many complex cases. I also knew that he had a reputation for having done more avn cases than any other doctor on the planet. I knew mine was an avn case and the top 1/3 of my femur head had eroded away, I felt that my case was a complex case. With that in mind, that is the reason I wanted Dr. Bose to do my surgery. I wanted a doctor that had seen it all, especially in the sense of complex cases. As I mentioned in my earlier post, my preference was to get a BMHR if possible. However, I only wanted a BMHR if in Dr. Bose’s opinion it could be done and he thought it would hold up. I did not want a BMHR if it was likely to fail early or a few years from now. Dr. Bose had agreed to do the BMHR if the femur neck was ok, and if not to do the delta motion THR. Of course it turned out that the femur neck was bad and I wound up with the Delta motion hip. I wanted to rely on what Dr. Bose thought was best for me, which is why I went to the other side of the planet to get the surgery done.

I might mention here, that in 2008, I was having a lot of pain with my right hip and was walking with a cane at that time. I was seeing a chiropractor who did an x-ray on me that picked up the collapsing right femur head. He didn’t notice the bad femur head and I went another 2 years not knowing what was wrong with me.

I first started having pain in my right hip in late 2006 or early 2007. Since I also have some pretty severe back problems, I thought the pain was coming from my lower back, which caused me to not look too hard at the hip joint. To make matters worse, I was experiencing a lot of what is called “referred pain” in my right knee. For a couple of years, I thought I needed a knee replacement. In 2010, I finally had my knees x-rayed and the doctor said there was nothing wrong with my knees. I was totally blown away when I found that out. I could not see how I could have so very much intense pain in my right knee and there be nothing wrong with the knee. I just didn’t think that was possible. I should add here, that I haven’t had any more referred pain in my knee since I had the Delta motion hip surgery.

I saw where someone was asking if the Delta motion hip was available in the USA. I think it is not, because when I was making surgery arrangements, Dr. Bose mentioned that the BMHR nor the Delta motion hip was available in the USA. Probably because it has not been FDA approved. I think it is available in the UK and many other countries.

I have been doing research continually on the Delta motion hip and I have not run across any negative information or reports on it to date. All the information I have seen on the Delta motion hip has been very good. Also, in the course of doing the Delta motion hip research, I did notice that Smith and Nephew is working on FDA approval for their own version of the Delta motion hip.

I might mention here, that while I was in India, I met an American woman who was about a week ahead of me in getting a Delta motion hip. I have stayed in touch with her from time to time and she indicated to me, recently, that she was pretty happy with her Delta motion hip. She mentioned that she was doing some 5 mile hikes with pretty much no pain and no problems with the hip. I can’t walk nearly that far, because of the problems with my back, which was recently diagnosed as needing a spinal fusion.

My left hip was diagnosed with avn in 2010 and recently I asked Dr. Bose for his opinion of it. He said that it definitely did have avn, but would not be ready for surgery for a few more years. It doesn’t hurt much right now, so I will just have to wait for a few years to have that hip done. Currently, my plans are to have Dr. Bose do that surgery, as well.

John DRZ

R Delta Motion Hip --Dr. Bose -June 2011- 40 mm ball - 52 mm cup