Dale THR 2007  Dr. Scott Cook

I went in Fri(7th), and came home Mon(10th) with no complications, and minimal discomfort from the bumpy SUV ride that day.

First off, let me know if this email appears cut-off. It does that to me sometimes on longer emails. The THR was more of a success than I ever imagined it would be. Even the doc was amazed. He told me my hip was the worst he's ever seen and could not believe I've been pulling 50+ hour work weeks all these years with it like that. It came out mostly in pieces. And two of the three pins came out with those pieces. But somehow I managed.

No pain at all now. I am sitting in this computer chair(no more pillow in the chair, lol) and BOTH my legs are bent naturally at the knee with feet planted firmly on the floor, and absolutely no pain at all. It's a wonderful feeling. Doc wants me on the walker for three more weeks at 50% weight bearing. 50% because he did my hip a little different than others, knowing I have a physical type of job that did not want me coming back with the usual THR restrictions.

And I also am told I have to wear these %&$*# TEDS until I give up the walker. Take them both off at nighttime though for sleeping. But I do think they've helped me. Very minimal swelling, only on day one and two. I am off the Coumadin now. Just on 325mg Bayer daily until further notice.

Oh, and Iron tablets twice a day. Those things doing a number to my bowels, but oh well. Already cut myself off and weaned the Morphine Sulfate, and Kadian. And PT came to my house two times, then she said I was doing good enough that unless I wanted her to, I would not need her again. Me and my wife agreed. And since then I have done my own PT with probably better results than if done with a therapist

. Remember I did have quite some muscle atrophy going on in the operative leg that worried me before surgery. Little did I know there was no need for the worry. I felt the muscle start rebuilding itself a few days after surgery.

Couple things to add that were surprises. Guys, all men out there, be prepared for some swelling of the two things between your legs after THR surgery, lol. If you know what I mean. They're back to normal now. But was just a shock since I never, ever read about that anywhere on these groups or anywhere.

And all the talking about getting raised toilet seats and all, there's never been a need for that and am glad I did not go out and buy one before surgery. Maybe if one is 6'5", but not for normal sized men and women. Shower transfer chair either. No need. I use my upper body strength and walker to go over the shower/tub, and back out again with no problems.

The reasons I have not written sooner is the 2191 emails I still have. Wanted to get em knocked out before I did. Has not happened yet. A little behind wouldn't ya say, lol. I promise though when I get done, pics, and more details. Anyone can think of anything to ask me that might have been left out with this email, let me know ok. Here it is the 26th. Geeesh!

Take care all and I am going back to try to get some more of these emails knocked out. I hate mass deleting anything. Oh something else I forgot, no showering by docs orders for the two weeks after surgery. Well, I only had staples (out last week), and they told me no showering for two weeks! That sucked! Glad that part's over. I guess my doc is just on the conservative side. Wish it could have been a resurfacing. But I still have a right hip that will need it sometime in the future.