BMHR Mr. McMinn 2008

August 29, 2008

I have undergone a right BMHR with dysplasia cup 9 days ago with Mr. Mc Minn. I had dysplasia, with shortened femoral neck and also thickening, together with femoral cysts and a discrepancy in leg lengths of approx 1cm.

September 3, 2008

Well it's 2 weeks today since my operation with Mr. McMinn and everything's going great.

That constant screaming pain in my right hip which had become part of my life for the last 15 years has now gone and my life already feels amazingly different.

I've been told by various consultants over the last 10 years, due to my condition and age I am not a likely candidate for this type of surgery. The general response to my request for resurfacing was to put up with the pain until I'm old enough to have a THR. I had at this stage pretty much given up hope, but continued to do research on websites like this one. After being put in touch Mr. De Smet by a friend's Dad who had successfully undergone a BHR in Belgium and Mr. McMinn in Birmingham Who I knew had pioneered this operation, they both agreed I would be suitable for resurfacing even though it wouldn't be your box standard operation as I'd need a dysplasia cup, with bone grafting and Mr. McMinn thought the use of a Mid Head Resection would be his preferred option.

I'm still suffering a little at night, as everything seems to tighten up. But during the day I'm pain free (unless I sit for too long in the same position). I went in hoping for a BHR but as Mr. McMinn explained in my pre op consultation, He'd check it out once he was in there but because of the dysplasia in my hip the chances were the bone density in my femoral neck would be questionable and if so it would be too risky to go for a BHR and he thought a mid head resection would be my best option. (Better to do a successful BMHR than to try chancing it with a BHR and risk a fracture in my femoral neck at some point down the line). He said without going in there and looking at the bone quality he couldn't promise anything. I was happy to go under knowing his experience would mean I would wake up with the best possible outcome for my condition.

I am a freelance personal trainer and feel the exercise I did prior to the operation has played a huge part in my recovery. I'm partial weight baring for another 2 weeks with 2 crutches and fully weight baring for a further 2 weeks still using the crutches, but already feel the strength and stability improving on a daily basis. My leg has now been lengthened by about a Cm which feels very strange as I've grown accustomed to having one leg longer than the other for so long. My walking has improved so much and all those back and knee pains are slowly starting to ease. Anyway I will keep you posted on my recovery.

Finally may I say a big thank you, as websites like this one is what's kept my hope's up and that in turn has kept me believing I would finally get to where I am today. Living a life without pain and enjoying the simple things in life like taking a walk along the beach (even though I'm not ready for that just yet). Walking is something I will never take granted!!

September 11, 2008

I'm Actually from Jersey in the Channel Islands (An Island off the coast of France but part of the British Isles.)

Mr. McMinn from Birmingham (UK) pioneered the BHR hence it's name, he also created the BMHR or the Birmingham Mid Head Resection which was designed for people with questionable bone density in the femoral neck. The stem is similar to the conventional BHR stem but a little wider and is drilled into the femoral neck with the ball then attached, but it is not anywhere near as long as the THR stem, thus allowing the bone to weight bare more and increase the natural strength and density of that bone.

The dysplasia cup is a cup with 2 lugs or screws inserted into the pelvis which aids with stabilization within the acetablia and the subsequent bone grafting is to help reconstruct the area's which were basically worn out. That then gives you a perfectly functional hip. Because my hip didn't sit in the socket properly my right leg lost 1cm in height which I got back after the operation.

I had the operation 3 weeks yesterday and have 1 more week partial weight baring, 4 more weeks fully weight baring still with 2 crutches then onto a stick for a couple of weeks. Yesterday I walk with crutches for about a mile without any pain. Unfortunately as I am a freelance personal trainer I am unable to work yet but am ok sitting at a desk doing paper work etc.

The cost was £13,000 Which included everything from the operation to my 7 day stay in his private hospital along with the Physio team which were great.

September 18, 2008

I'm 4 weeks post op after having a BMHR or (Birmingham Mid Head Resection) with Mr. McMinn in Brimngham.

I managed my last surf a week before my operation but partly dislocated my hip during that session as I had no socket left. Man the amount of pain killers/anti-inflam's I needed to take in order to surf was crazy.

Hopefully another 3 months before getting wet again. Off to Morocco for Christmas waves with no pills! Heaven.

September 23, 2008

I'm 5 weeks post op and being told not to sit for too long. I think it's just referral pain. I'm not too worried about it because the moment I get up it goes. Dislocation I hear is very very painful.

On a slightly different note it feels like my operated leg's a little longer. I waked for about a mile yesterday with just a stick and my lower back on the un-operated side twinges. I still feel when standing upright with my feet together there's a slight leg length discrepancy?

September 25, 2008

I am a 37 year old freelance personal trainer and fitness junky! I put up with pain for too long because I was scared of the unknown. (The op, the rehab, time out of work, having to rely on people) and ya know what all of those things are serious factors to take into consideration. But I am 5 weeks post op after having a mid head resection and am now walking over a mile, still with a stick but with absolutely no pain. If I had the chance I would've had this operation years ago. It is tough at first but day by day you feel yourself getting stronger. 2 weeks and I loose the stick.

I can't get across how important it is to shed some weight and try and get fit and strong before the op it really will aid your recovery. I had severe dysplasia of the hip, had lost 1cm in height due to the ball sitting so high in the joint, the femoral head and acetablia was complete bone on bone and the constant pain was horrible. Yet I still managed to hit the gym 5 times a week, cycle 60Km and surf. It hurt like crazy but my aim was not only to prove this thing wasn't going to stop me doing the things I love but to improve the density of the bone and increase the strength of not only the muscles but the surrounding connective tissue as much as possible so that the stem would have a firmer foundation and therefore improve my chances of success.