Waqqy - a Very Courageous  17 Year Old

Wanted a BHR, but due to his bone softness received a THR

Mr. McMinn of the UK 2007

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October 2007 Progress Report

Well now October is beginning and college is going really good, I got an activity day in November where I go 2 this cabin crew day centre and get fully qualified as a cabin crew member !! by the way am doing travel & Tourism. I am now on 1 crutch I can walk kinda without my crutches but my confidence is 80% there. I really cant wait till I let go and get my confidence fully back, Also I am looking forward to this winter. I hope it snows so I can go out and be a teenager and have fun with my friends. I also have sent threw some pictures which you can see they are a bit squeamish but worth looking at. My physio thinks I should be off my crutches in 2weeks time, as soon as I get off them I will make a video and send it threw, its going 2 be an amazing experience being able to walk. Also I made a video a while back with my story of hip surgery !! check it out and if you have youtube comment it please this is the url ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yyl23OAGXWU , also I wanted to let all of you know if you have any questions just email me on waqqy14@googlemail.com, I shall be writing back when I get walking !!

I am A 17Year old Teenager who had surgery done from Mr. McMinn on 16thMay , As most of you now know I did go in for a BHR or the BMHR but I was really unfortunate and ended up having the Birmingham Total Hip Replacement. You might not of heard about that so I'll explain ...

They basically as you know took the hip of because it was so soft. Mr. McMinn took a video of my hip where he literally could put his finger threw my hip. Anyways the hip replacement they gave me was same as a resurfacing they gave me the same cup and the same head.  So I got a large head THR and I am happy now with the work Mr. McMinn did for me, BUT a little accident happened during the surgery and my stem just above the knee got a hairline crack. So basically the bone moved out its place but the hip stayed as put ...

So I was taken back into surgery under 24 hours after my original surgery and had 2 plates and 8 screws put in my leg as well as the new hip. That's a lot of metal work for a young teenager isn't it? My 2nd operation lasted 6 hours excluding the waking up time and my 1st operation lasted 2hours in total including waking up !!

So I went threw quite an ordeal , For those people out their that want their hip operation done in the best possible outcome go to Mr. McMinn you will not find a better surgeon without a doubt he knows his thing 4 sure ... That's if you can afford it mind you !! The staff were ace as well, Couldn't get any better.

Well that's my story and now here I am 6weeks post op.  I still cant put weight on my operated leg due to how soft my bones are but my physio thinks I am very capable of doing so.  I am going to ring Mr. McMinn's team and ask them due to Mr. McMinn being on holiday until August and I am due to see him 7th August which is a long way away also I want to enjoy my Summer !! The only thing which is bringing me down is that I still cant bend my knee which is a real shame !! But am working on it .. another 20 degrees and my knee will be as good as new. My Hip is first class no problem since I had it done , I cant even tell I had anything done 2 it am Pain FREE from my hip.

So That Was My Story Of My Surgery I Have Now Been On Crutches For 4 Months Full Weight Bearing 2 Months And I Can't Seem to Let Go Of My Hideous crutches. I am wondering if any1 could help me please give me some advice on which is the easiest way of letting go off them hideous things. I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't at college because I am doing travel and tourism and most of my activities will be based in an airport I need to let go off them before November , So if any1 has any amazing ideas on how to let go off them please email me or write back. I would appreciate all the replies I get as I am determined to get off them.

THR,Nuffield Hospital