Anne's BHR Revision Prof. Richardson 2011

Updated 10/11/2012

Anne BHR Revision to Ceramic THR by Prof Richardson  2011

Went to Doctor's yesterday and he said I will need a new hip shortly. I've been having a lot of pain with the hip re-surface. Not been able to lift my leg upwards without lot of discomfort. This has been going on for 18 months or so but lately it's got very bad and pain in buttock now as well.

I had the op in Feb 2007. I really thought the re-surface would last longer than this or I would have had the THR done instead. Was 54 when op. done and was just told it was better for younger patients to have the Birmingham hip.

June 16, 2011

I saw the ortho consultant today (a new hospital as we have moved) and he was great, very easy to talk to. He had more x-rays done. Result, he said the hip resurface had been put in at the wrong angle.

He wants an ultrasound done to see what soft tissue damage there has been over the last 4+ years and I had bloods taken to see any metal problems. When the ultrasound is done I'll go on waiting list for a total hip replacement. The usual waiting time is 6 months but he's going to see if he can get me in quicker to minimize the damage to soft tissue.

At last I finally know what is wrong- I was beginning to think it was all in my head.

So hopefully by the end of this year I should be on the way to being 'normal', whatever that is.

September 24, 2011

Apparently the cup bit of the re-surface was too big for my pelvis!!!! ( Supposedly I have a small one, you wouldn't think so looking at me)
and because of that the outside rim has rubbed the bone off the outside edge of my pelvis which meant a bone graft. The cup was also slightly loose as the consultant said it was extremely easy to get out. (The cup was a Durum???) sorry I'm not up on the tecky stuff, which I believe are prone to loosing
Saw my x-rays post op and it looks like a mechano set in there with all the screws!!!!!!

So only partial weight bearing on operated leg for 6 weeks (20%) then in 3 weeks it physio for range of movement exercises.

Feeling pretty good all considering, pain under control with pills, I was on liquid morphine for a couple of hours post op, but that deep bone pain is gone so it's only the normal healing now.

All onwards and upwards now, just glad the DXXN thing is out
Got back home yesterday afternoon 1 and half days afar surgery

October 4, 2011

Had my revision operation 2 weeks ago, feeling great even though none weight bearing because of bone graft.

October 6, 2011

I have just had a THR just over 4 years after the re-surface.
I have had a few x-rays over the years and all Doc'd have said the re-surface was ok.

Saw my new surgeon in May/June and went straight on the list for THR. My surgeon said the re-surface was at 'a steep angle', it was also too big for my smallish frame. He also found when he operated that the 'cup' was loose and the outside rim of it had been rubbing into my actual hip bone. The result was he had to do a bone graft before he could fit the THR (ceramic this time).

So far, 2 weeks after the surgery, I am fine, no pain at all in the hip. That deep grinding bone pain has gone and I am very optimistic for the future of my new hip. Did have a nasty fall 2 days ago but managed to twist on the way down so landed on my good side, luckily it doesn't seem to have damaged the new hip.

I too was petrified about having the THR but it feels so much better it was worth it.

October 20, 2011

The new hip, ceramic both components, feels brilliant at 4 weeks post surgery. Absolutely no pain at all from about the 4th day after surgery, just had my first physio appointment, delayed because I am non weight bearing due to bone graft, and the physio was so pleased with my range of movement and muscle tone that I do not have to go back until I have seen the consultant again in 3 weeks when I will start the weight bearing exercises.

I will be forever grateful to my present surgeon for listening to me, he is supposed to be one of the best and he definitely gets my whole hearted vote.

November 10, 2011

Update on my hip revision operation at 7 weeks post op with bone graft.

Just seen the consultants side-kick and finally got the ok to come off the crutches.

It's been hell looking after my disabled hubby on one leg!!!!!!
I can drive again now so we can at least get out again.

I asked about my metal ion results ( have asked several times but never had an answer) and the registrar
didn't really know what the figures meant.

So, these are the figures he tossed at me, I have no idea what any of it means so would be grateful if someone could translate for me.

He gave me 2 figures for cobalt and chromium

Cobalt +1.1 and +18.9
Chromium +5.3 and +102.0

December 26, 2011

Just a final update on my revision operation.

Just been for my 3 month check-up and everything is GREAT .
No pain, full range of movement, walking a couple of miles every day and back to pushing my 18 stone hubby in the wheelchair. Feel fantastic.

Recovery was extremely difficult being non weight bearing for 7 weeks, very hard cooking, cleaning and looking after disabled hubby as well but we got there in the end.

March 4, 2012

My new hip is just perfect. I was out helping the builders clear the car park yesterday complete with a spade and not a twinge.

It actually feels strange being able to move without thinking about it.